End of Q2 Update

Without boring you too much, below is a quick summary of where MI are at present.

MInteg have had an interesting and prosperous first 6 months in 2016 (long may it continue).  Although MInteg are a relatively new company to the market, the opportunities to tender on sizable inspection scopes has been fantastic!  MI have also been appointed “Approved Vendors” for various north sea operators, onshore power generation and the exciting renewable industries.  People and companies can really see the need / benefits of a new breed inspection service.  MI have been fortunate enough to have moved into their new premises which has allowed for further expansion and infrastructure, so all in all the past 6 months have been a busy time.  Having won a number of scopes within Oil and Gas, Utilities and Motorsport we’ve been able to keep our heads above water in these testing times and ultimately keep our guys working.  With the passion and drive to succeed, the team work continuously to push MI forward within the multiple sectors our industry allows.

We will continue to push and all your support is greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,

MI Team

If you think you have what it takes and want to join the growing team then please forward your CV.  


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